CAR HYDROPHOBIC COATING KIT, Car Body Nanoceramic Treatment

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Jade Car Hydrophobic Coating is an innovative nanoceramic treatment that protects the car body against chemical and physical agents. It works on chromed and painted surfaces.

Duration: 3 years/ 150 washings

Yield: 250 sqm/L

Included in the Kit:
– 100 ml or 50 ml of Car Hydrophobic Coating
– 50 ml of Active Plus
– 3 TNT towels
– 2 microfiber towels
– 2 couples of single-use gloves

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  • The nanoparticles are arranged in uniform way setting up a stronger and denser bond than the classical sealing products or car waxes. This bond will make the car body very resistant (9H hardness) to scratches, acids, poor washing techniques, etc.
Position of molecules in the car sealing/ car wax
  • This product is made up by inorganic substances, therefore it repulses UV rays.
  • The nanoparticles, once located on the surface, make a rough protective layer that makes the surface self-cleaning. When water finds a rough surface, it cannot adhere on the treated surface and consequently, it slips away bringing dirt and limestone.
Position of Car Hydrophobic Coating molecules

You can have a water-repellent, oil-repellent car body, that is also protected against chemical and physical agents and UV rays.

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