A new nanotechnology generation

Discover a new nanotechnology focused on treatments for every surface. By the use of nanotechnologies, it’s possible to provide new smart functions to materials, enhancing their qualities and features; moreover, nanotechnology can solve daily problems thanks to several high quality applications.
Every single product observes particular requisites in order to solve specific problems and it’s perfect for several fields (textile, cosmetic, health, domestic, construction, etc.)






Bugs repellent


smell remover



it reduces energy consumption

It works 24/24 h also without a light source such as the traditional nanotechnologies

Today there are huge possibilities and our technical team and us are ready to deal with the future, always with an eye on sustainability.


Jade Evolution was born with the aim to solve the several problems tied to the maintenance, care and prevention of surfaces. For every need, Jade Evolution offers you the right solution:

  • BIOPROTECTION: Jade Evolution active line is a real nanotechnological innovation in the world of protection against pathogens, with smart and Eco-friendly products with an effect that lasts up to 1 year. These products decompose bacteria, virus, allergens and provide an efficient help against the spread of Covid-19.
  • SURFACES CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Jade Evolution classic line has been developed to hinder corrosionscratches, stains, limestone, etc. on many  surfaces (cars and bikes, kitchens, bathrooms and materials such as metal, ceramic, glass, leather, plastic, etc.) 
  • CLEANING: before applying a nanotechnological treatment or simply during your daily routine, surfaces cleanings is very important. Jade Evolution line cleaner offers 3 products for specific materials, with high performances and without damaging the surface. 

About us

Blu Sign Ltd. is a family business founded in 2003 and strongly oriented towards innovation. During 2019 we decided to invest in research and development, focusing on nanotechnology, in order to combine environmental quality with industrial competitiveness. From this intestest an official partnership took place with EVOpdi Ltd., leader in the nanotechnological field.

Together, sharing the same concept, passion and care for details, we created Jade Evolution™ brand, a symbol of a brand-new nanotechnological generation.


INNOVATION: We are constantly looking for the last generation products, highly technological and performing, in order to provide you the best quality, efficency and efficacy in your daily job.

SERVICE: our customer service team is at your disposal for every doubt, problem or emergency. We bend over backwards to provide you the right product and our clients know it.

CUSTOMIZATION: Each of our customers has a personal “assistant” ready to manage every enquiry: we have always trusted in human potential, dealing with our work with passion, enthusiasm and personal engagement.

ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY: Environmental respect and care is important, for this reason we offer ecological product with no dangerous substances release and composed by natural ingredients. The road is still long, not all of our products respect this requisite but we constantly work hard to improve it.